Brainz1 Techub - New Year Celebration


With the end of a very challenging year of 2020, we welcomed the new year 2021 with a great enjoyment and some hard yet success achieving resolutions in New Year Celebration in Office. 2020 was a year of lot of suffering, not for us, but for everyone. But it is not the solution to regret over what thing happened in the past year. We made a great resolution of achieving the double of the goal we had set on the last years’ new year, i.e., on Jan 1, 2020. We made ourselves believe in us and our teammates for the same. We had already set our foot on the path, the quickly moving towards it. 

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With the start of new year, we had a great number of resolutions set and we have already started achieving them with a pace. The resolution of being the best among everyone is getting competition among us to get us more motivated finding faster ways to solve the problems without getting more problems, with helping each other as we boom in our progress bar. The resolution was not just set to individual, though it seems to be, but it was also set to everyone. This was one of the highlight point that discussed in New Year Celebration in Office. The team grows on progress on everyone is, and so we as a team are getting motivated always and rising.

The resolution we had set for year 2020, were merely achieved due to the covid-19 pandemic, but the 2021 resolution, we will achieve them no matter what ever the obstacle arises. We are a team of leading people and won’t give up no mater what situation comes. And hope everyone should have the same attitude towards there progress and no one will be left behind in this competitive world.