TREAD Scheme

Traditionally, ladies have been among the most disadvantaged segments of our society with respect to admittance to and command over resources. Issues looked by them keep on being grave especially for illiterate and semi-literate ladies of rural and urban regions. Aside from advising and training, the accessibility of credit represents the most serious issue for the poor women. To reduce their issues, the Ministry of Small Scale Industries (SSI) in the Government of India has dispatched a scheme named “Trade Related Entrepreneurship Assistance and Development” (TREAD) for the financial empowerment of ladies through the improvement of their enterprising skills in non-farm activities. The Office of the Development Commissioner (SSI) in the Ministry of SSI is responsible for the execution of this scheme.

 The three primary segments of this scheme are as under:

(I) Assistance as the Government of India (GoI) award of up to 30 percent of the absolute project cost, as assessed by the lending agency is given to the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for promoting entrepreneurship among target groups of ladies. The leftover 70% of the project cost is financed by the lending agency as a loan for undertaking activities as conceived in the project. The NGOs can use the grant for training, counselling, tie-ups for showcasing for the recipients, and so forth other than their own ability working for helping ladies.

(ii) Selected training foundations and NGOs leading training programs for the strengthening of ladies beneficiaries distinguished under this scheme can likewise benefit of GoI award of up to Rs.1.00 lakh per program, for imparting training to the women entrepreneurs, given such organizations additionally bring a lot of in any event 25 percent of the award. In any case, NGOs besides from the North East Region (NER), would be permitted to direct preparing programs exclusively after they take up some loaning recommendations under this scheme.

(iii) Need-based GoI grant up to Rs.5 lakh per project is given to National Entrepreneurship Development Institutions (EDIs) viz. National Institute of Small Industry Extension Training (NISIET), National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD), Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE), EDIs supported by the State Government, Small Industries Service Institutes (SISIs), and some other organization of notoriety basically for undertaking field studies, research considers, assessment examines, planning of preparing modules, and so on