Top 5 Startups in Nagpur

Nagpur is the educational and commercial hub of Maharashtra and the upcoming Smart City of India. The state government of Maharashtra brings in a lot of opportunities in the field of technology and startup enthusiast in Nagpur. Below are Top 5 Startups in Nagpur and are booming on the high level.

1. FoodbyMood

It was started by Sangharakshak Neel, an IIT Bombay graduate and is a Nagpur based startup app that allows the foodies to discover dishes of various kind all over the beautiful city of Nagpur. It provides the preview of all dishes from all of the restaurants in Nagpur and helps the customer with ordering food.

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2. Livenapt

Shubham Jadhav, an alumnus of VNIT, the founder of Livenapt created an online invoice manager for individuals in the corporate sector as they tend to claim a lot of reimbursements from the accounts department regularly.

3. Tsecond Generation

Tsecond Generation in one of the top startups in Nagpur founded in 2014 by Sahil Gurucharan Chawla. It is an electronic Manufacturing company and provides LBS services for telecom infrastructure companies. They have successfully developed E-funnel, a fuel monitoring system, an IoT device and is installed at the inlet of fuel tanks to give real-time notifications of fuel events.

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4. Bloom Consulting Services

Manish Gidwani, the founder of Bloom Consulting Services, has extensive management experience. Bloom Consulting Services is a software development organization having expertise in the growth of web applications and mobile apps for different organizations. Its mobile applications run on iOS, Android, and Windows telephones. Bloom has a team of 50 in-house developers, designers, and advisors.

5. Humble Khichdi

Khichdi has been an integral part of our meal for centuries. Manish Khanchandani and Sagar Bhajani, the founders, strongly believe that the fast-food available today is unhealthy. So it is their responsive try to serve things which are ‘fit’ and what could be in a way that is better than khichadi. Always regarded as a ‘staple diet for patients’, the duo is working on rebranding khichadi by offering this at affordable prices through their outlet.

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