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Every workplace got to submit and report their weekly work to their team lead. This usually happens every Saturday. The tension the developers has, the stress they are going through to achieve the work before deadline is high. Going home on Saturday end with these workloads we assume may ruin the upcoming Sunday too. So we arrange employee engagement activity in office every Saturday. By putting resources into employee engagement, your organization will actually want to expand profitability, work quality, and hold top ability. Employee engagement is rapidly getting quite possibly the main important in measuring work fulfillment. Employees today are searching for something beyond a 9-to-5 job. They need to be associated with their work, eager about the organization they work for, and focused on their fellow workers. This is reason we arrange Employee Engagement Activity in Office.

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Employee Engagement Activity in Office - Brainz1 Techub
Employee Engagement Activity in Office - Brainz1 Techub
A little party never killed everyone. Our life is made of small moments like this!

To get the tension of developers less, we hold a small enjoying session, where the developers enjoy themselves indulging in cooking various food items like Maggi, Pasta, etc or ordering some eatables. The moment of these is very cheerful and enjoyable. Rather than giving a half day leave of Saturday, we conduct Employee Engagement Activity in Office to get our team some stress-free moment and have a happy upcoming Sunday to spend with their loved one.