“I have been very confident and very upbeat about the future potential of India. I think it is a great country with great potential”. – Ratan Tata

By reading this quote I am thinking about the future of Nagpur. Nagpur is a peaceful city in comparison to other bigger cities in India. The famous place for IT companies in Nagpur is “IT park”. The IT park in Nagpur is one of the unique park where it possess most reputed IT companies.

This city is very important for the banking sector as it serves as  regional office of Reserve Bank of India, which was opened on 10 September 1956. The Reserve Bank of India has two branches in Nagpur. One of them possess India’s entire gold assets.

Sitabuldi market in central Nagpur, called as the heart of the city. Likewise, Persistent Systems is the heart of the IT park, because it is most valuable IT company in Nagpur. Other prominent GlobalLogic, HCL, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), etc. are some other best IT companies have their work stations in Nagpur. As it is the next Tech capital of Maharashtra. We are seeking for so many new possibilities in technology.

Other than IT park, Mihan is also emerging in Nagpur for the next future IT-hub. Many reputed companies are located there.  Dassault Reliance Aerospace Limited (DRAL) has its manufacturing facility in MIHAN where it is manufacture the Falcon jets. Pharmaceutical company Lupin also has its facility in the SEZ Mihan.

The Butibori industrial area is one of the largest in Asia in terms of industrial area. It includes other power transmission companies like Gammon India Limited (T & D), Gammon India Ltd. (Infra), KEC, Calderys India, Unitech Power Transmissions Limited, etc.

The Hingna industrial area is on the western side of the city, made up of around 900 small and medium industrial units. The major compamies among them are the tractor manufacturing plant of Mahindra and Mahindra, casting units of NECO Ltd., Candico, Bharat Containers making aluminium aerosol cans Pix Transmissions, and Sanvijay Rolling & Engineering Ltd. (SREL).

 Kalmeshwar MIDC has 164 industrial plants. JSW Steel company, KTM Textile company, ESAB India Ltd company, ZIM Pharma Ltd company, Unijuels life sciences, Chemfield Pharmaceuticals Private Ltd. company, Minex Injection Product Private Ltd. company, Minex Metallurgical Co.Ltd., etc. are a few big names.

IT park in Nagpur provide all types of IT support and services to these industrial sectors in Nagpur. In the past few years, Nagpur has been evolved to the next level. It is the fastest Metro in the country and this is a good. No one can ever imagine that metro will run in Nagpur, and transform it to “Metro City”.

Future of Nagpur is shining and the list of rich people is only going up. From very few crorepatis about ten years ago, the figure has now strikes at 438 billionaires. And the number is increasing till now.

Nagpur - Orange City

Nagpur is the 13th largest city in India by population census. Nagpur is projected as the fifth fastest growing city in the world from 2019 to 2035 with an average growth of 8.41%, which is commendable. It has been announced that Nagpur is one of the finest  Smart City in Maharashtra very soon it becomes one of the top ten cities in India in Smart City Project execution.

Due to these emerging changes, IT park in Nagpur get a boost for the growth. Many new companies are emerging in Nagpur. Most of the start-ups are already launched. Nagpur is an upcoming metropolis.

In 2004, Nagpur was ranked the fastest-growing city in India. As in terms of the number of households with an annual income of ₹1 crore (10 million) this city is setting new milestones. After Mumbai and Pune , future of Nagpur is establishing itself as a strong competitors in the field of Information Technology.

Nagpur city had attracted crores rupees of investment in till now. Its per capita income was ₹123,610 (US$1,700) in 2015. Its GDP was estimated to be $15.10 billion in 2016.

Lockdown somewhere, affect the economy most. Whole world is fighting with this pandemic. Everything is shutting down and the Indian economy goes down continuously. In this crucial situation, The IT companies plays important role in building the economy. They are digitizing everything so that every individual will able to enjoy and can consume products and services.

Nagpur is home to ice-cream manufacturer Dinshaws, Indian dry food manufacturer Haldiram’s, Indian ready-to-cook food manufacturer Actchawa, spice manufacturer Suruchi International] and Ayurvedic products company Vicco and Baidyanath and many more. Every brand in Nagpur is serving their customers using digital platform.

The future of Nagpur is I can see like, every business will run digitally and every citizen avails the goods and services from online platform. In such a pandemic where every person is looking for online service, IT companies has great opportunity to grab the market and be the king of it.