Brainz1 Techub - 28th July

28th July is one of the most important dates for BrainZ1 Techub. This day in 2019, the very own business by Mr. Mayur Nimje was started as BrainZ1 Techub. Starting from a short business it boomed to be the fastest growing start-up in Nagpur. Within a year the team had achieve a huge goal. The motive of starting the business on this day is that 28th July is marked as the birthday of the director, father of Mr Mayur Nimje, Mr. Omdeo Nimje.

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Past March 2020, every business had hit serious problems due to the Covid-19 and lockdown. And so, we too were hit badly. The business was nearly dooming. Time passed struggling this hard time. On 28th July – Inauguration Day of Brainz1 Techub, we had a year anniversary of the company. with the motivational words from the director, we aimed to restart our work. With the newer team, new approaches, and new innovative ideas, we finally were able to make a comeback and were awarded fastest growing start-up.