Top 5 NGOs in Nagpur

NGOs empower residents to cooperate voluntarily to encourage social qualities and metro objectives, which are imperative to them. They promote local initiative and problem-solving. Through their work in an expansive exhibit of fields – climate, wellbeing, neediness easing, culture& the arts, education, etc. – NGOs reflect the diversity of society itself. They also help society by empowering citizens and promoting change at the “grassroots”. 

Here is the list of some of NGOs in Nagpur City

1. Parindey Youth Foundation

Charity is something more than mere kindness. It is not a beggar’s dole that we offer and then pass on and forget. It is not mere composition based on the feeling of superiority, as though conferring some favour.

It means tolerance. Compassion, a patient sympathy for the weakness and errors of others, is a large-hearted concession to the weakness. It is the unconstrained flood of our feeling of humanism. Yes, charity indeed begins at home but unfortunately, it often happens that it tends to end there. The proverb warns us against this. The home is the origin; the whole world is the limit. But an exception must be made. Noble cause starts at home, obviously, however clearly not with oneself. One must be charitable to the whole world.

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If we all act together - business, governments, NGOs and citizens and, especially, the young - just imagine the good we could create.
- Paul Polman

2. Agresar Foundation

Established in May 2017, Agresar Foundation is one of the NGOs in Nagpur who brings to the front, relevant issues that plague the general public and works together with empowering influences to achieve a change. The foundation is run by self-driven, socially accountable and morally balanced youth who wish to give their bit and more to society. Agresar has been working rigorously for the upliftment of underprivileged people in society since the beginning. They have coordinated numerous occasions like cloth gift camps, study discussions; social events and we will accomplish more.


3. Sahyadri Foundation

Sahyadri Foundation is NGOs in Nagpur which established under Sahyadri Gramin Vikas Bahuuddeshiya Yuvak Kalyan Sanstha. Sahyadri is a non-government enlargement association dealing with issues influencing the urban & rural people, with a special focus on Tobacco Control, HIV/AIDS, Cancer & TB. Sahyadri has made significant contributions in the areas like Tobacco Control and recently we actively involved in the implementation of Anti-Tobacco Law in and around the schools/colleges of Nagpur Division. We are likewise in Life Skill Education, Sickle Cell Control, Women Empowerment, Youth Welfare, Individual & Group Counseling, Psychological Training to Teachers, Sport, Old age & Physically Challenged People, Rural and Urban Development, Environment, Slum Development, Rehabilitations of women & child, Farmer’s Suicide, Yoga Camp, Career Guidance and Counseling Centre etc. We provide counselling, diagnosis, treatments, awareness and training etc.

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Nagpur Group of Friends

4. Nagpur Group of friends

Nagpur Group Of Friends-MAA is a non-government organisation which have been initiated for social welfare cause and the benefit of unprevilidges children.


5. Garaj Foundation

With a vision that living with liveliness for the needy people in society, this institution has been working for the last two years. Working As per the Tagline “JITHE GARAJ TITHE GARAJ” the Institution is not leading to work for the specific community, This institution provides all possible services for the Women’s and The child Development, Health and Education as well as Social Awareness Programme. The Institution also have a counselling centre, By which every case handle with care to solve all problems related to his life. The institution does not have any govt. funding, The Institution has financially supported by self-contribution of members, donations, and graters. Institutions continuously working last two year in which different types of Rehabilitation programmer have been successfully done by the team.

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