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Web app or mobile app: which one is best?

Many people get confused in web and mobile app development. People might think that both are same. But, both are different. Not only they developed on differently but also deployed differently. Their users are also quite different.
As technologies for both web and mobile apps have evolved rapidly, everyone falls into the conflict of what to choose? To get the right audience reach. So some of them develop both the apps or some went for only one type of app due to budget problem.
Confusion remains their due to lack of clarity and people unable to guess the effect of app they are making for their business. As Web and Mobile App Development Company in Nagpur, We are here to help you out, which type of app suits you the best.

What Is a Web App?

Web apps are designed to be fully functional and accessible. No matter what the platform is, what the device is, because they run on a browser. Web apps operates equally well as mobile or hybrid app. In simple words, web apps’ compatibility is pretty sure that they will run easily on any device if they developed using correct code and web technology.


What is Mobile app?

It is also called as native app. It is made for mobile phone platforms like Android and IOS or both (called as cross platform technology). Both ios and android  are most popular in the Mobile App domain, hence most of the organizations are focusing on developing apps for these two platforms only. These type of apps can simply be downloaded and installed using app store. They have access to resources like contact, camera, GPS, push notification, etc. 

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Web and mobile app development process

When you go for web or mobile app development service, you need to be clear in your mind otherwise it will ruin your money and time both. The development and deployment of both the app can be done on both native mobile platform and web browser. So be careful while approaching. Here, development processes are different for both the apps.
Mobile Apps: All mobile platforms follow unique app development steps. The programming languages used by each platform is also unique. For instance- Java for Android and Swift for iPhone.
Web Apps: They majorly use Web application frameworks for their development. Some popular frameworks are- JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, etc.

Mobile Apps: When to choose it?

If you are still confused with choosing the right app for you, then this might be for you. Let’s explore it on a bit more deeper level. Being Mobile App Development Company in Nagpur we can guide you through this,

If you want much faster and seamless app.
If you want to access device/system resources such as a camera or GPS
If you want, app functions without an Internet connection
If time constraint is there. App development is fast.

Web Apps: When to choose it?

If you are still confused with choosing the right app for you, then this might be for you. Let’s explore it on a bit more deeper level.

If you are looking for app having functionality in browser.
Want easy maintenance, as they have a common code regardless of the mobile platform.
If looking for auto update mode. Web apps update themselves automatically when internet is on.
Looking for easier and faster build. Develop faster than mobile apps