Campus CEO ?

Campus CEO is a representative of Brainz1 on the college campus. He will be a current student of that particular college who will act as the communication link between college and Brainz1He will work as Brainz1 representative on campus and perform given tasks assign to them to establish coordination that will enhance his future as well as improve college and company relationship.

Be CEO of BZ1

Quality posses by Campus CEO.

Campus CEO is the representative of our company in the college campus, so every student who want to represent Brainz1 should have quality listed below.

  • Leadership Quality
  • Communication Skills
  • Confident
  • Hardworking
  • Good Listener
  • Quick Learner
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Process to be a Campus CEO of #Bz1

  • Connect First step
    Establish a bond between youth and emminent startup entities !
  • Co-ordinate 2 nd Step
    manage and ideate with peers to build exceptional experineces.
  • Create 3rd Step
    Lead And Execute the most happening brand and startup event
  • Explore 4th Step
    Participate in vital Events on and off-campus all over india
  • Platform 5th Step
    We give you platform for career, networking and growth
  • Identification 6th Step
    Get identification certificate by key industry,Brainz1

We'll help people through our #BZ1 community

#BZ1 is an initiative started by BrainZ1 Techub for young and creative minds to share their ideas. #BZ1 community provides a platform and guidance to such minds to implements this ideas into reality.

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January 19, 2020

Dastan-ae-Developer (V-0.2)

Encouragement and enthusiasm create wonders. After the successful launch of ‘Dasta-e-Developer’ and the response we got from attendee and encouragement and suggestion we got from them was exciting and overwhelming.

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January 05, 2020

First meet-up

Meeting new people, sharing our thoughts and connecting with them makes everyone happy and relax. As IT professional life is busy in coding at office and decoding happiness for family

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January 03, 2020

Entrepreneurship seminar at Priyadarshini college of engineering

Brainz1 always has inclination towards the future of young generation. To shape their mentality towards the right track should be top priority for everyone as they are the future of tomorrow.