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What is game development?

Game development is the process of developing a game using various tools and softwares. The game development may involve an individual or a team of game developers. Game is the inseparable part of everyone’s life. Game gives you a level of satisfaction, accomplishment of goals, and excitement. The game industry has been on rise due to emerging interest of youth in it.

The most accessible game development software are Unity platform, Unreal Engine ,new online distribution systems such as Steam and Uplay. In India, the most popular mobile game development market is for Android and iOS devices.

Games are developed through software development process. Games are considered and developed as a creative element to generate profit. Game making is categorized in both arts and science field. Game development is normally funded by a publisher or owner.  

Well-constructed games bring great profits in short span. Being Game Development Company in Nagpur, it is important to evaluate a game’s financial requirements such as cost of development and special features.

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Role of a Game Developer

A game developer writes the code in a way such that it brings a video game to real life. They work closely with other departments like game designer, arts, science, animation, Sound, psychologist, etc.) to translate the game’s vision into a full reality or excited playful game. They have to aware of everything, from the speed at which your character in the game runs, how high they can jump, to how many enemies they appear to, when they react, how they react in attacking scenario. We as Best Game Development Company in Nagpur assure you that we will give you Best Game.

Some myths about game developers

#1 Game developers are responsible for all technicalities

In gaming industry, there are different types of programmers depending on the size of the company and the project's necessity. But, a developer should be highly specialized in one area (e.g. an audio specialist who focuses on sounds with actions or events, an AI specialist who can judge how a non-player-character will respond to the next move). In a smaller company, the developer may require multiple things.

#2 Game developer do not need soft skills

Developer must have the soft skills like problem solving to take immediate decision on something, communication skill to deal people in various other departments, focus to keep an eye on everything- a single mistake can ruin everything.

#3 Need programming background

Programming knowledge is essential as they have to implement multiple complexities, understanding the technical aspects, etc. But, know programming is not a compulsion here. You have to just understand what and where things fits the most. And you are half done. Even a graphics artist can become a great developer.

#4 Game developers are rich

Most of the people might think that game developers are just laid-back salary consumers. They skip work whenever they have to. In contrary when project is complex, then few companies ask game developers to work extended hours and on weekends for long weeks or months. Although they get paid for the extra time, but health can be at stake, too

#5 Game developers are rich

Why people think game developers are rich. In reality, only few of them will succeed with the cutthroat competition in the industry. Besides, if you’re only working for a game development, your income may be great but not be enough to make you rich.

Responsibilities of a developer may include:

As a Game Development Company in Nagpur, we have given some extra responsibilities to Our Developer to Give Best Game to our Clients.

  • Transform the code into a excited playable game
  • Script the complex functions, events, and interactions
  • Use physics rules to give it a real sense
  • Developing and modifying graphics continuously
  • Simulating artificial intelligence in every character 
  • Adding sound effects, special effects and voice support 
  • Implement the game logic and mechanics wherever needed
  • Write code in such a manner that it should be specific to keyboard, mouse, or joysticks
  • Creating a great User Interface for best possible experience
  • Making it possible for players to compete the game and go for advance level
  • Developing custom tools and more specific and attractive features
  • Integrate code between platforms
  • Implement algorithms, memory requirements and memory caching issues
  • Identifying and fixing bugs during testing