Dena Shakti Scheme

Women entrepreneurs who’re concerned in agriculture, manufacturing, micro-credit, retail shops or similar firms can avail mortgage below this scheme. Under the micro-credit category, loans offered are up to Rs 50,000 with a concession of 0.25 per cent on rate of interest. Loans of as much as Rs 20 Lakhs are sanctioned below the class of education, housing and retail trading.

Dena Bank, presently converged with Bank of Baroda (BoB) offers banking and financial products at moderate financing costs. Like other banking products, Dena bank spends significant time in giving business/MSME loans to people and enterprises. Business loans offered by banks can be profited by businessmen, merchants, or experts for setting up their business or for extending a current one.

Dena Bank is a public area banking organization began with the vision of promoting economic opportunities for ladies and to set a way towards the empowerment of women. The bank makes a stage for woman entrepreneurs to get business advances. These business loans are expected for most business purposes to meet the prerequisite of working capital or for business extension.

Sectors Covered Under this Scheme
  • Agriculture and allied activities
  • Small Enterprises (Direct and Indirect Finance)
  • Micro and small (manufacturing) enterprises
  • Micro and small (service) enterprises which include small road and water transport operators, small business professional and self employees and all other service enterprises
  • Retail Trade
  • Micro Credit
  • Education
  • Housing

The composite loan limit for Small Scale Industries units is expanded up to Rs. 50 lakh

No guarantee for loan sum up to Rs. 5 lakh and up to Rs. 25 dependent on the great financial position.

Margin is Nil up to Rs. 25,000 and 15% – 25% above Rs. 25,000

The loan sum offered relies upon the movement which is being financed. For example, for retail exchange and business, RBI specifies the greatest credit measure of up to Rs. 25 lakh. The pace of revenue is serious and coordinated by the standards of banks and RBI.

These are the primary loan schemes that Dena Bank offers to organizations and experts. Notwithstanding, there are some extra loan plans offered by Dena bank which are referenced below:

  • Wind Mill Scheme
  • Small Road & Transport Operators (SRTO)
  • Scheme of Dena Construction Finance to Contractors
  • Channel Financing Scheme:
  • Supplier Bill Discounting Scheme
  • Dealer Finance Scheme
  • Scheme for Financing to Agro Processing & Cotton Ginning & Pressing Unit
  • Scheme for Ceramic units for Wankaner Morvi Districts, under Rajkot Region & Thangadh District under Bhavnagar Region
  • Special Scheme for Cluster Units as identified by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization)